Friday, June 6, 2008

Drat - Summer is here!

If you know me - you know I hate Summer. It's not just the hot weather that gets me down. It's the work, work, work that keeps me away from my beads! Mow, then trim, then plant the garden, then mow, then trim, then weed the garden, mow, then trim...... on and on until the last leaf is raked and tomato is canned in the Fall. I so love the long cold Winters of Western New York when I can just stay inside and bead to my heart's content.

I have gotten some new pieces done. I came up with a new style of earring that I really like. It doesn't take much beading, but it there is a bit of work involved in hand painting the filigree pieces. The end result is SO worth the effort though. Look:

Didn't I tell you they were great? I made up almost a dozen of them to put on Etsy and take to the market at Cross Roads this week. They are so pretty all carded up and displayed together.

I will try to keep the blog up better in between the mowing and the trimming and the weeding!