Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm Excited - My First Pattern Is For Sale!

If you have been wondering where in the world I am, I have been right here all along.  I have just been fighting with my old brain to try and learn a new trick.  It may take longer these days, but I can still learn  new things.  New to me anyway.  PDF format has been around for eons in computer years.  I just took on the task of teaching myself how to use it.  After MANY trials and errors, I think I finally have a product that I can list.

I started by finding pictures of Pow Wows and looking at designs on the regalia.  Unfortunately, I could not attend the local Pow Wow again this year and funds do not allow me to travel to any further away.  I have to satisfy my creative yens by looking at pictures taken by folks lucky enough to attend.    I found tons of ideas for bead projects.  I don't use anyone's actual design.  I make up my own after dreaming about actually attending a Pow Wow and getting to see those wonderful beaded pieces up close.

Once the design was created I had to figure out how to send it to someone else.  I know it should have been a lot easier than it was, but I got there eventually.  Now I can sell my patterns on Etsy.  I started with a relatively easy barrette. As my knowledge grows, I hope to include more complicated items.

Here's the link to my very first pattern I'm offering for sale.  Sun Ray Barrette Pattern Take a peek even if you're  not a beader and let me know what you think.  I accept constructive criticism gracefully.

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