Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Featured Baker - Sunshine Bakes

Continuing our mini series featuring online bakeries, today we present Sunshine Bakes who can be found on Etsy.

Sunshine Bakes is owned and operated by a working Mom who has a passion for cooking and baking.  During her culinary schooling she worked for and studied under a pastry chef and her works shows it!   Just look at these great cookies she has for sale on Etsy at SunshineBakes.

 All of the baking is done in a commercial kitchen which is always an added plus in my book.  What I really like about Sunshine Bakes is they are willing to give you a choice of flavors and colors for your cookies.  Suggested flavors for the cookie dough are Vanilla Bean, Cardamom, Orange, Lemon or Almond.  Don't they sound great?   Each cookie will come wrapped and tied with coordinating ribbon .  Fancy eh?  Just open the box and they're ready for your party.

   I bake, but nothing ever looks as good as the cookies from this bakery.  Giver her a try for your next party.

If you want to try your hand at making some of your own cookies, we have the cutters.  Just zip on over to Cookie Cutter Guy on Art Fire.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Featured Bakery - T and C Bakery

I thought I would do something new for a change.  Instead of just posting boring pictures of metal cookie cutters, how would you like to see some of the things made using the cutters?   I was surfing around Etsy earlier this week and saw the beautiful results some bakers get with decorated sugar cookies. It was just a natural progression to share them with you. 

T and C Bakery

T and C Bakery is owned by Carrie who is a work at home mom with two little toddlers.  Quite frankly, I don't see how she could possibly find time to bake, let alone make the beautiful creations she sells on Etsy.  When I plugged "sugar cookie" into the Etsy search bar my eye immediately went to the above picture that popped up as a result.  I have that Daisy cutter only mine is a little bit bigger.  The big difference is, my idea of "decorating" them is to put a few drops of food coloring into the dough.  Carrie carefully covers each of her cookies with royal icing and painstakingly adds piped details.  I have a cake decorating set - somewhere....

Planning a birthday party?  Wouldn't these "Ice Cream Cones" be a great substitute for that messy cake?  If you HAVE to have a cake to hold candles, send each guest home with a cookie.  Carrie will wrap them individually for you.

 Just so we don't forget that the thermometer is plunging once again and Winter is just around the corner here in North America, here's a wonderful mitten.  Again - I own one just like it.  Never used it of course.   Look at the amazing detain in the snowflake and the "fuzz" on the cuff!

Last, but not least is my personal favorite.

Okay, so it's really a vanilla sugar cookie.  It LOOKS like pizza!  Each one comes in it's own pizza box.  I love it.  

Carrie makes every order fresh from scratch and ships it out the same day.   You can find her on Etsy here:
Check it out!

I'll be featuring a few more wonderful bakers in the coming days, so keep watching.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Just Around the Corner - Holiday Baking and Crafting!

Here in Western New York the leaves are almost completely off the trees. My thermometer is reading 41 degrees and snow is in the forecast for this week. That can only mean one thing. Holiday baking season is starting. In the past I've baked so many cookies for the hoildays that I had to start this early and freeze them. The wonderful thing about sugar cookies is you can freeze them right out of the oven and decorate them later when the kids and grandkids are around to help.

Here's is another great gift idea using cookie cutters that can wait until the last minute. Gather up a bunch of cutters and place them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper then mix up your favorite fudge recipe and pour it into the cutters. Let them set up firm and pop each one, cutter and all into a festive clear bag. It makes a perfect gift for teachers, the mail man, and anyone else on your list you need just a small present for. It's a "now and later" gift because they get to keep the cutter.

Need a unique, quick gift? Melt some wax with some scent and color and pour it into cutters. Poke a hole in the top, sting a ribbon through it and you have a good smelling ornament for your tree.

There are many more ideas online. Just plug "cookie cutter crafts" into your search engine and see for yourself. Suckers, ornaments, soap.... the list is a long one.

Here are a few of our holiday cutters to get your creative juices flowing. Dig out your old ones, buy some new ones and just have fun creating!