Monday, October 18, 2010

Just Around the Corner - Holiday Baking and Crafting!

Here in Western New York the leaves are almost completely off the trees. My thermometer is reading 41 degrees and snow is in the forecast for this week. That can only mean one thing. Holiday baking season is starting. In the past I've baked so many cookies for the hoildays that I had to start this early and freeze them. The wonderful thing about sugar cookies is you can freeze them right out of the oven and decorate them later when the kids and grandkids are around to help.

Here's is another great gift idea using cookie cutters that can wait until the last minute. Gather up a bunch of cutters and place them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper then mix up your favorite fudge recipe and pour it into the cutters. Let them set up firm and pop each one, cutter and all into a festive clear bag. It makes a perfect gift for teachers, the mail man, and anyone else on your list you need just a small present for. It's a "now and later" gift because they get to keep the cutter.

Need a unique, quick gift? Melt some wax with some scent and color and pour it into cutters. Poke a hole in the top, sting a ribbon through it and you have a good smelling ornament for your tree.

There are many more ideas online. Just plug "cookie cutter crafts" into your search engine and see for yourself. Suckers, ornaments, soap.... the list is a long one.

Here are a few of our holiday cutters to get your creative juices flowing. Dig out your old ones, buy some new ones and just have fun creating!

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