Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New For Summer

For those of you who live in the same climate I do, Summer can not get here fast enough!  I've been living under 2 feet of snow since December.  Now it's changing to mud.  My driveway looked like the Mississippi a few days ago.  Now it is a skating rink.

What better way to beat the Winter blahs than to think ahead to warmer days?  I  dug out my cotton yarn and got to work on cool Summer hats.  The results were these great, floppy, versatile sun hats.  Dress them up, wad them up, wear them to a party or the beach, or better yet - a party at the beach!

                                                             Click on the pic for more info.



Debbie V said...

very nice I hear wide brimmed hats are supposed to be in this year and these are lovely

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

hey sandi! hope all is well. wow! what a change from the jewelry and these are gorgeous!

it's been a crappy winter. snow, snow and more snow. at least it wasn't ice!!! i'm still waiting for spring. there are absolutely NO signs of it in illinois - at least not in my neck of the woods!

stay well.

hugs :)

Sandy said...

Yup - quite a change. Jewelry was going nowhere for me. Had to find something else I could do.