Wednesday, January 5, 2011

OOAK Reclaimed Necklace with Swarovski Crytals

I just love to explore garage sales, estate sales and auctions.  There are treasures waiting to be found in just about every one of them.  I found a double strand white and blue faux pearl necklace without a hook and in need of restringing at one.  It was definitely something from the 50's.   At another I found a beautiful strand of Swarovski crystals, again, with no clasp.  I know they are Swarovski from the cut and the clarity.  No one makes crystals like they do.

Since I like a bit of bling in just about everything I create I decided to combine the two necklaces into one.  Here is the results.

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Reclaimed Vintage Swarovski and Blue Faux Pearl Necklace

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Styles for a New Year - Pearls

2011 promises to be the year that revitalizes the beautiful look of pearls.   Never out of date, and forever beautiful, sometimes pearls get put on the back shelf in favor of more "in" jewelry.  This year, to my delight, pearls are once again making it to the main showcases.   I have oodles of them ordered.  Here is the first one I created out of what I have on hand.  

The glass pearls used in this 20" necklace are advertised as white but they have a very slight light creamy green cast to them.  I centered the front with 18 Swarovski crystals mounted in 3 nearly invisible settings.  They add just the  right amount of sparkle to this already elegant necklace.

Because everyone thinks of pearls as expensive, I am planning on using only gold or sterling silver when assembling this line.  This necklace has a sterling hook clasp.

Whither you wear this necklace with your best evening gown or your favorite blue jeans, it is bound to bring complements your way.  The best part is - it's pearls, and pearls will always be a wise fashion choice.  If they go out of vogue for a few years, just tuck them away.  They'll be back!

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