Friday, March 12, 2010

Back to Work

With our trip behind us, it took me a while to get back into the swing of actually working for a living.   It always does.  That's one reason I don't like taking breaks.  I always stall when it comes to getting to what needs to be done when it's over.

Today I've listed one of the items I have made from the beads I purchased on my trip.  I had everyone on the lookout for beads what would pop on copper and these surely do.  Crab Fire Agate has a naturally rich, warm amber/orange glow.  Nestled in this wire wrapped copper bracelet they are even more beautiful, don't you think?

More information about this piece can be found on my Art Fire page by clicking on the pictures.  

If you are a beader and would like a chance to win a great bead package, click HERE to find out how to enter.


Crystal Velvet Weddings said...

that is amazing.

Angel With One Wing said...

Hey!I like your work! And I like this bracelet model! I think I'm going to make a bracelet like this too!