Monday, December 28, 2009

Moving The Jewelry Collection Around

A Sister's Love

Victorian Beauty

At last, the holidays are over here. Oh, I know there's still New Year's but we never celebrate. It's just another reminder we're getting older and us old folks are in bed by 9 New Year's Eve, just like any other night of the year. Rip roaring party animals we're not!

The New Year does mean a new approach to my online shops though. I'm the sort of person that gets tired of doing the same thing over and over, so my creativity does not lend itself to jewelry alone. Up until now, I've had no place online to show off some of my other creations. I've decided to move most of the jewelry that is now on my
Forbes Farm space to make room for more of my crafts. I'm excited about it. I sure hope you'll check back to see what I've done when I'm finished. I have candle jars ready to list as soon as I can clear space. I'm working on Hardanger linen pieces too. As soon as I can I'm planning on adding some of my soap line. See, I told you my crafts take off in all different directions!

Yesterday I started the move. The two cameos above were part of the first group to make the switch. I'm hoping that The Earring Boutique won't be too confusing to folks when I get all my jewelry there. It can't be any more confusing than Forbes Farm was. At least visitors will be expecting to see jewelry.

Hope you all have a great week. For those of you planning on celebrating the New Year, please don't drink and drive! I want to see you back here next year.


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

sounds like you got things well in hand and those cameos are stunning!

hubby had a heart attack for xmas and has been in the hospital since xmas eve. they put 2 stents in him. i'm hoping he comes home today. it's been a very quiet xmas - and new years will be too as i'm in that old bracket and asleep by 9:30 - LOL.

wishing you a truly blesssed new year.


Jenni said...

I always enjoy browsing your shops, I doubt there will be any confusion and maybe you'll attract a new set of buyers :) looking forward to the added craft selection on Forbes Farm