Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

My little adopted Mom is long gone from this earth.  She was a special lady with many hidden sides.  I wish I could say she encouraged my artistic side, but that would be one huge fib.  She did everything she could to discourage it.  She did, however, push and prod and threaten me into learning the academics.  Mom was an expert at using guilt to get what she wanted out of me.  Even though learning wasn't easy, I managed to pull it off and earn a BS degree in nursing.  It was an accomplishment that had I been left in my birth home, might not have been reached.  I am proud that I was able to squeak by and get that degree even though I didn't enjoy working as a nurse very much.  I think all the years of making myself reach farther than I thought I could   were influential in many ways in my work today. 

I have my Mom to thank for making me reach that far.

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Diane said...

Hope you had a Wonderful Mothers Day! Stop On Over I'm having a Virtual Baby Shower for my daughter, games and prizes, would love to see you there! Hugs, Diane