Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Something New For Your Pretty Feet

Why stop at your wrists when you choose your jewelry accessories?  Carry the bling on down to your feet with this perfect boot bracelet.

I have seen similar items online but none that were chainmaille.  I like the idea of putting a Jens Pind woven chain with a wire strung center piece.  It gives the anklet both class and stability.  There is still a slight chance it will come apart but it is much less likely to do so than a plain chain link connection. 

In this piece I used natural Turquoise beads as the focal point.  Bali like metal beads and reclaimed black beads complete the centerpiece.  The chain is constructed using 16 gauge aluminum jump rings.  Because the center is heavier than the chain, the pretty part of the anklet should stay where you want it. 

A huge thank you shout out to my friends, Lorna and Victoria, who went on a boot hunt for me.  At the time of year when most of the stores are featuring sandals  and flip flops,  I needed boots as a model for my pictures and a prop for my store.   They knew exactly where to look and found a pair on the first attempt.  I'm not exactly what you call fashion conscious.  The only boots I have are my 6 year old Winter slosh in the snow boots and my hunting boots that I use to get about in the muck on the farm.  I owe them both big time for coming to my rescue on this one!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

wow sandy! totally awesome! and gorgeous! now if only i could find a pair of boots to go over my calves - lol!

Sandy said...

Stef - exactly why I don't have fancy boots!