Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Featuring Our Cookie Cutters Today

A couple of years ago we stumbled into a small lot of cookie cutters.   One of the vendors at Cross Roads was retiring and sold them to us at less than cost.  We jumped at the chance and it's snowballed from there.  We started out with around 25 designs and have built it up to over 250!  DH likes it because it is something he can do to help the business.  He's not very crafty, but he can sort cookie cutters.  I do have to help him with the online business.  He's never quite gotten the hang of selling online.

We are putting sets together this Summer.  People have requested them for gifts.  I have been giving sets as shower presents myself.  It's a great thing to give a couple just starting out.  I have been to a lot of showers where the couple got 2 or 3 toasters, but my gift of cookie cutters has never been duplicated.  Throw in a rolling pin, some cookie sheets, parchment paper and a recipe and you have a really great gift!

Here are a couple of our sets.  Zip on over to Don's Art Fire page, Cookie Cutter Guy,  to see them all.

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Felicity said...

lovely shapes! fliss xx

Miss Val's Creations said...

These are so fun! I wish I was a baker!