Saturday, June 5, 2010

How I Started My Summer

Hello Folks,

    I haven't been around lately.  Truth is, I haven't done much of anything lately.  The tools lie silent while I veg my way through the heat.  Oh,how I hate heat....

    I do have a really great personal story for you.  It is quite unbelievable.  If it hadn't happened to me, I probably wouldn't believe it myself. 
      I share a booth at Cross Roads with another vendor.  We sell a few antiques and not quite antiques from it.  She had picked up a few boxes of stuff from an antique dealer in Cory, PA.   She brought them in last Saturday and I was helping her unpack them.  She handed me a stack of  old photos and asked me to put them in the box we have for displaying them.  Before I did I glanced through them.  Ever get that creepy, prickling feeling?  I did.  There staring back at me was an almost splitting image of my Dad, Louis.  The only thing that clued me in that it wasn't him was the fellow had too much hair.  Dad's hair was thinning in his high school pictures.  Then I realized it must be his father, Guy.   I was about 90% sure I was right. 
     Sunday I spent a good part of the day searching for a picture of my Grandfather.  We have tons and tons of Hausmann pictures, but just a handful of Forbes.  The only pictures I could find of Guy were of when he was much older and there were no full face shots.  I did find one of Louis, his brother, Max and I think the baby is Greta. 
     Monday, Memorial Day, we were open at Cross Roads.  They had opened the grounds up to anyone who wanted to set up for a flea market.  One older "flea" saw "Forbes Farm" on my shirt and asked me if I had a shop inside.  I said I did and he introduced himself as a Forbes.  I believe he said Bill.  My mind sort of went frizzy at the time.  I said "We're related some how aren't we?"  He confirmed we are.  His father was Grant.  Grant was Guy's brother. I told him I would be right back.   I grabbed the two pictures I'd taken up to show the other vendors how much alike they looked.   I handed them to him and said "I think this is Guy"  He opened it up and said "Yup, that's him"!  I found the photo and had it confirmed all by chance.  So, Folks, Guy is back home.  I will find him a safe place to stay and be sure he doesn't wander outside the family again -  for as long as I live at least.
Or..... IS it Lou with a "comb over"?

Guy Forbes - or is it Louis?

Left to Right
Louis, my Dad, Greta, & Max Forbes

What do you think?  My Grandfather or Dad?

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