Sunday, June 20, 2010

Need a Bat?

Well, Folks, my luck is holding true to course.  Some of you may remember the Bat necklace I posted a while back that was created upon request for "The Bat Lady".  She stopped by the store yesterday and of course, she didn't like it.  It wasn't anatomically correct enough for her.  So, I have this wonderful batty necklace with no owner.  All I have to do is find someone who's not quite so knowledgeable about Bat anatomy, or who understands when you create something like this, it's bound to take it's own directions in design.  I would cry, but it would do no good.  At least I proved to myself I can do it.  That doesn't put any $$$ in the back though.

Here is another peek at it, now listed on Etsy.

Click on photo for more information.

I'm off to lick my wounds....

1 comment:

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

holy moly! i can't believe her nerve!!!! i'd have slapped her! well, not really, but i sure would like to!

hope all else is well.

hugs :)