Monday, November 8, 2010

Featured Bakery - The Sweet Shop Cookie Company

I promised you more great bakeries, and I found one on Art Fire.  Shannon of The Sweet Shop Cookie Company is selling her beautifully decorated sugar cookies there.   Shannon's earliest memories of baking cookies was along side her Mom who she graciously gives the credit to for her talent.  She has found an outlet for her love on Art Fire.   In her words "The Sweet Shop Cookie Company, whimsical, designer sugar cookies made for every occassion. Our cookies are fun, delicious and affordable."   They certainly look wonderful.  Here are a few of them:

Look at the detail in her snowflake cookies!  I'm ashamed to admit I've been telling everyone how easy snowflakes are to decorate.  I just frost them white and toss on some glitter.  Obviously, Shannon puts a lot more effort into hers!


How about cookies for a baby shower?  I have the cutters, but I've never even attempted to come up with some of these wonderful designs!  Shannon lets you pick the shapes and colors to match your party.

Looking for something a little less traditional for your next bash?  How about some of these "Artsy Stars"
The colors are amazing..

BUT WAIT - There's more!
Shannon can also be found here: where there are even more designs to choose from.   Hop on over and check it out.

All photo's used with permission

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Deanna said...

Eeek!! Are those darling or what??? I love them all. I have tried and tried for years to make those snowflake cookies with that darling icing but they always wind up looking like a two year old made them (I hate to insult the young!!)

Good inspiration!

Deanna :D