Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Discovery

Okay - so maybe felting isn't a new discovery, but it is to me. I have seen jewelry in shops and online made with felted beads. Curiosity got the better of me and I ordered a starter kit on Ebay. I made my first felt beads with it and now I am hooked! I just love the rhythmical, hypnotizing motion of felting with the needles. You start out with a fluff of wool, and end up with a pretty little ball. Now, I must explore this craft further. I can just see it in my husband's eyes.... "Here she goes again". You crafters out there know exactly what I mean.

The picture above is the result of my first successful attempt at making a piece of jewelry with a combination of felted beads and other beads in my stash. I had these lava like black beads and they go perfectly with the deep purple beads I made. So much so, I had to order some real lava beads. I can hardly wait for them to arrive.

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pk fairaday said...

I love the look of felted beads- and yours are so pretty!