Friday, February 13, 2009

An Item A Day - Day 10

The snow is back in Western New York.  Go away snow - shoo, shoo....

This lovely pair of dangles reminds me of ice.  When you stand on the shore of Lake Erie and look across the water in the Winter.  You see all sorts of beautiful, very cold looking colors, blue and white predominating.

So - here's to Winter ice, and today's item:

Creamy blue faceted glass beads are the focal point accompanied by white glass pearls and silver toned filigree. Topped and tipped with sparkling blue Swarovski Crystal.

Hanging from Sterling Silver ear wires, this pair dangles about 1 1/8" or 25 mm.


suziart said...

Oh my gosh, your jewelry if fab! I must have some!!

audrey said...

Thank you for stopping by my Blog and for following. I just visited your Blog and WOW! You make some beautiful things! I am a jewelry lover and collector, so I will definitely be following you. I am in VA right now painting walls in our house we will be moving to in the Spring. When I return to SC, I will be updating my Blog and taking a better look at yours.
Have a joyful day, Sandy!!

Black Rose said...

These are truly beautiful!!

Gaston Studio said...

You've been tagged!

Check out my blog for details.

Your things are glorious.

Deanna said...

Hello Sandy!
Thanks for visiting me at my blog. Wow, you are very creative. My sister and I are jewelry makers as well. I have kind of put that to the side for a couple of years but our cousin Angelica has taken up where we left off...LOL! I love your creativity. Lovely pieces.

Deanna :D