Sunday, February 22, 2009

An Item A Day - Day 19

I found more "pearls" in my goodie bag.  The first one turned out so well I had to try several more.   This is one of them.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon experimenting with my wire.  I want to be able to make rings.  I've had so many requests for them at Cross Roads that I have to come up with something!  That is what I will be doing today.  Tomorrow's item might just be a ring if my plan works out.

Here is today's info:

A 5/8" or 16 mm glass faux pearl adorned with silver tone filigree and two Auroa Borealis green Swarovski Crystals.

Length is 1 1/2" or 38 mm.

Comes with an 18" leather necklace and can easily be removed to place on your favorite chain.


Daisy said...

Wonderful pieces!

Stef H: (Illinois, US) said...

This, too, is gorgeous! I LOVE RINGS! I think most of my jewelry is rings & earrings. I seem to have gotten away from necklaces. I guess when you retire, what outfit do you wear that needs jewels? Oh wait! They all do! Don't cha just love a woman in diamonds, pearls and JEANS!!!! Way to go! LOL

I will patiently await your ring collection! It's gonna be awesome!

Brenda said...

Your jewelry is wonderful! I would love to show your blog to my daughter, but she's a jewelry fiend and I know it would cost me! said...

Thank you Sandy for your comment... Your jewelry is very nice.. I know my mom and sisters would love it.. I will have to show them your site..