Friday, April 16, 2010

Help Me Out Here - I Need Ideas!

It has been a long Winter.  Now that Spring is here you would think I'd be all recharged and ready to roll.  Fact is, I'd rather endure a few more blizzards than even think about planting the garden this year.  Along with that I have completely run out of ideas about what to write here in my blog.  I am asking those of you who are here today to send me some ideas.  What do you like to read in other people's blogs?  I try to keep it centered around my jewelry making.  Do you want to see more of what I make?  Would you like to read more about the process?  Did you like the blog where I featured another artist?  Do you have a completely different idea? Come on folks, help me think!  Shoot some ideas at me.  I may not use them all but it should help to get my brain back in gear.



Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

your jewelry is always a delight; but featuring another person every now & then is nice too. or some of your "old" stuff, or your garden (that is just waiting to get planted) or you & hubby. or just plain chatter!

or somethhing you found in a magazine, yadda yadda.

but, you are NEVER boring and it's always nice to visit here!

beyondbaffled said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean! I'm running low on funds lately and haven't been able to work on my minis or my dollhouse. So this week I did a different topic each day and shared things other than my favorite hobby. Everyone who commented seems to enjoy it - I think it's kind of nice to find out more about all of the great bloggers out there as well. I would love to see pics of your garden, do you have any pets, and we love to share stories about our families!
Btw I love your blog!

Melody said...

Hi Sandy! I don't know what it is, but I'm in the humdrums too! I have so many much to do.. I just sit back down..well with my knees actin up I lay. I definately don't want blizzard!!!!
I think your blog is entertaining
You work is always beautiful to see. I too have trouble coming up with post ideas and then some little thing I hear or see gives me a spark. You mentioned your about showing us a themed garden of jewels? Rubys(roses), Amathysts (purple flowers), Coral (zinnias), pearls (string of pearl plant) you think of the stone and there's a flower for it. Telling history of jewelry and certain peices or designs. New jewelry items you've found to techniques (no how-to's unless you want) Jewelry fashion trends..color trends.
I hope you get over the hump. I hope this helps.