Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Today's Featured Artist - Mel's Art Buffet

I am always looking for new talent on Etsy or Art Fire.  Recently I put out a request for artisans who would like to be featured here on my blog.  Melissa from Mel's Art Buffet on Etsy responded.  She thanked me for considering a "newbie", but how could I not?  Just look at the beautiful and unusual work she does!

Melissa told me she has only been working with polymer clay for about a year!  Oh how I wish I got along with my stash of clay as well as she does.  Using food pictures as her inspiration Mel comes up with these gorgeous creations.  She says she love the simplistic colors of food photos she finds in magazines and on the Internet and is drawn to earthy colors such as brown, yellow and green.  Obviously, from the photos above she incorporates these colors beautifully into her work.

Mel lives in the wonderful land of Memphis where she is an office manager by day and creator extraordinaire by night.  She started out making jewelry for herself and just recently have ventured into online selling. Be sure to visit her shop on Etsy for more awesome treats.

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