Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Daily Item 17 - Fishy Earrings

Okay - I admit it. I am totally bored with floral earrings, especially since I have about 200 pair kicking around between home and the store. They are pretty. They are delicate. They are feminine. They aren't selling! Drats....

So, yesterday we took a short trip up the long road to Buffalo and hit the closest bead store to us. It only takes an hour each way! Oh how I envy those living near a nice bead shop. I bought just about everything in twos. I'll bet they could guess I make earrings.

The two pair pictured are the results of some of that shopping. I've always been fascinated with these flexible little fish so it was about time I bought some and did something with them. They're cute, fun, dangling earrings for every day wear. Click below to see more.

Blue Fish

Green Fish


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

very different. do people really wear this? they are really different. but your work is awesome.


Sandy said...

Oh yes, they wear this stuff. Not my style, but the flowers aren't selling so I had to try something different.