Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Are You A Crafter? Great News!

Too many projects and not enough time!

Are you an avid crafeter ever looking for a bargain? I have one, well actually many, for you on my destash page.

My hubby has been jumping up and down demanding I clear out some of the huge stash of craft "junk" I have accumulated over the years. JUNK???? Shows you what he knows. Anyway, I am starting to list my many, many craft books, booklets, leaflets, patterns, etc. If you are a true crafter you know exactly which ones I mean. The "I love this. I'll get the book now and make it someday" books that add up when you are not looking. Over the years I've created quite a pile of "someday" projects. Someday never seems to come and the older I get, the less likely it will. What's even worse is, I just ordered two more books online. I sure hope they come when DH isn't home!

So, boogie on over to Forbes Farm Destash and see what you can find. I only have 10 listed so far, but the pile beside me is still severl feet tall! As long as my scanner holds out I'll keep adding them so keep looking. If you want a specific craft related book contact me. I just might have it.



Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Sandy
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a message. I have enjoyed visiting your blog too. Your jewelry is beautiful. You are very talented.
Best Wishes from England.

RecreationalArt said...

OMG - do I know what you mean!! I sometimes wish I could stick with one medium and one style, I just have way toooo many things going on in my knuckle head and not enough time to get it all out!! Wish I had time to do some of the stuff you are proposing: Looks BEAUtifull!!!
Your blog is wonderfully comfortable :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy,

This sounds just like ME!! lol
I am refusing to part with any of my *junk* though - I like to keep adding to it for now :-D

Rose XXX

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog and signing as a follower! I'm now following your lovely blog as well!

(Also, please share the news of my GIVEAWAY with your friends! Everyone is welcome!)

Chianne said...

I know exactly what you mean about so many projects.

I'm always working on at least 5 things at once. Its a wonder I ever get anything finished.

Stunning jewellery by the way. Its all so wonderful.