Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Daily Item 18 - Pretty Filigree Medallions

Summer has finally arrived in Southwestern New York. The heat hit yesterday. Made for some mighty uncomfortable gardening. I have to get myself in gear earlier in the day if I am to survive the next few months. All the work has to be done before the temperature gets too high. Ever made supper at 7am? I do on hot days. We just reheat it in the microwave later or eat it cold. I'm really not a Summer person. Can't wait for it to be over!

Fish weren't the only thing I acquired on my recent trip to the big city. These pretty filigree medallions caught my eye too. I bought all they had in stock, which was only enough for 3 pair in silver and 3 in gold. They seemed to be asking to be made into earrings. Since they are big and sassy I had to pair them up with red beads. They would look good with any color though. If you had your choice, what color would you like to see them made in?

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Soyun Park said...

Thoase are super stunning~ What a great work~

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

oooooo now these i'm liking. may have to add these to my wish list. i can definitely see these as everyday earrings. are they in your etsy store yet?

it's hot here too. too hot to be out. thank goodness for a/c!


Toothfairynotes said...

what a nice work! very pretty, I love earrings!