Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bear Clan Beaded Earrings

As promised yesterday, I am presenting my Bear Clan earrings today. Again, I used the colors of the Senecas. Okay, to be truthful, the bead box calls this color "Fancy Dark Fushia" but it looks purple to me. I guess I love purple, no matter what color it is.

I may work on other clans in the future, but right now their logos seem quite daunting to me. Some are too complicated to get on a pair of earrings, even with the small size 15 beads. I'll have to ponder them a bit longer.

It is so humid here today, you can cut it with a knife. Looks like a good day to ignore the growing grass and sit inside beading!

Here is the link to the Etsy listing for these earrings. It gives you more detail.

Bear Clan Beaded Earrings

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Anonymous said...

So intricate! No idea how you do it, but they are wonderful :)