Friday, August 28, 2009

Surprize! It's Halloween at Forbes Farm

When I was little Mom would make me fancy costumes out of crape paper and I even won a few contests at the fire hall. I just had to pray it didn't rain because crape paper runs! When my kids were little, we made them costumes out of what we could find around the house, or borrow from others. Great gobs of money never went into it, and still they had fun.

These days it seems Halloween is as popular as Christmas. I must admit, I don't see the attraction. Oh, I don't mind the cute stuff but I don't like the demons and spooky parts that seem to thrill others. I'll stick to cute cats and cute ghosts like Casper.

With that in mind, I set out to fulfill a request for Halloween earrings. Once I found my seldom used orange beads, I got busy yesterday and created these 4 pair. The Jack-O-Lantern and the candy corn are original designs. The cats are from a pattern I got years ago that has evolved over time and has more or less become my own. Sometimes I just don't like the way the originals turn out so I tweak them until I am happy with the look.

All 4 pair can be seen on my Etsy page.
The Earring Boutique


Michelle said...

Those are really cool, you are getting in the spirit!

Kay said...

I like the candy corn ones, but would have to watch out for children nibbling at my ears! Cool ideas!

blushing rose said...

What lovely creations, love the pumpkins ... Have a great weekend. TTFN~ Marydon

Fruzsi said...

Those are earings is so cool!!!!Very good ideas!