Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Promised You Wedding Whites

A few days ago I said I had received my white beads and my thoughts turned to weddings. What could be better than a fairy tale wedding? I was so pleased with the way the white on white earrings turned out that I just had to make a matching necklace! I sure hope some girl finds them and wants them for her wedding. I would be so thrilled to think some of my jewelry was twinkling on some radiant bride!

Here are the links: Fairy's Petticoat White Earrings and Fairy Tale Wedding Bridal Necklace .

I was featured on Luv♥Handmade again. I think they are still small but building rapidly. I am just thrilled to get noticed. I guess I am too hard on myself because sometimes I think my stuff isn't good enough to sell. I think a lot of artists/
crafters are that way. I'd rather be overly critical of myself than to let something ratty get through. I think that all started when I was a teen. My Aunt, bless her heart, made my prom dress. She was one of those people who ignored mistakes and kept right on going. When I got my dress I was devastated because there were big puckers where there shouldn't be big puckers! Luckily, I knew how to sew myself. I had to dismantle the skirt and resew it before I could wear it to the prom. I haven't been the same since. LOL!

Well, you all have a great day!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

I would say these are leaning towards my new favorites. They are gorgeous! I think with the white you can wear them everyday and feel like a princess!

Great news too. See, you're becoming famous!!!!

P.S. How's the bone folder working for ya?


Crystal Velvet Weddings said...

They are great. Those flowers are great for weddings.

Laura Trevey said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Sandy! Become a follower, and I will feature your work :)

Follow me at
as well, for your complimentary watercolor print :)


Lucky Pebble said...

The white is stunning. I would totally wear them on my wedding day.