Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Stone Soup Challenge - Support Starving Artists

Those of you who are old enough to remember Captain Kangaroo will probably remember the story of Stone Soup.  If you aren't it's the story of a hungry stranger who enters a village looking for food.  No one offers him a thing so he puts a pot of water on to boil and places a stone in it.  He then proceeds to say how much better this wonderful soup would be if only he had a carrot.  Someone brings a carrot out from their house.  This goes on with other ingredients until he has a pot of delicious soup that feeds them all.

Heather's Ramblings has posted a challenge for all artists and crafters to help support each other.   You can read about it here: The Stone Soup Project .  I joined to help support other artists.  The positive benefit for me, even if no one buys from my store, is I can now give myself permission to buy something I don't need!  YEAH!  

Won't you please join us?

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