Saturday, April 4, 2009

Working All Day

My Saturday's are still free until Cross Roads opens in May.   That doesn't mean I don't work though.  With the new season looming ahead it seems I just don't get enough done in a day.  

I had so many requests for rings last year my DH talked me into making some for this year.   I know exactly what's going to happen.   I won't have the right color, in the right style, in the right size and they'll all just sit there.  The same thing happens if I get anything with dogs on it.  It's not the right breed, or the right color, or the right curl in the fur, or something.  It just seems like I never have what they want.  Hmmmm.... Could it be they don't intend to buy and that's how they talk themselves out of it?  Who knows.  I just know as a seller, it's frustrating!

Rant over.   You can see some of the rings I worked on yesterday and today above.    They are all Swarovski cluster rings in Sterling Silver.  I sure hope they find a home!

Hope the rest of you are getting some rest on this Spring week end!


suziart said...

I had a similar experience at a Christmas art show ..Last year everyone wanted my ornament necklaces so this year I was prepared, and no one bought them...last year I had to take orders!!! Frustrating!
Your rings are super and I have found that dog lovers want a specific breed and cat owners seem to go for anything feline. I have 5cats and 4 dogs , myself!!! Keep your spirits up!!
XoXo, Suzi

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

I hope you didn't have to chase any fairies for these gorgeous rings!

People are never happy - or so it seems lately. The world is not as we know it anymore and that's way too sad!

I opened an Etsy shop. Gonna give it a try. Thanks for your help.