Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh - My Achin' Back!

Hello Folks,

    No new jewelry today.  Not yet anyway.   Yesterday was a clean up day at Cross Roads .   See that lovely jewelry display cabinet above?  I HATE cleaning it!  Even worse, there are two more bigger than this one.  I have to literally crawl into the cases once a year and wash the glass on the inside.  This fat, old body does not like crawling around on the floor, let me tell you!  The cases are wonderful things to have for display, but I sure wish there was a way to slip the glass out to clean it!  I only got one done before DH wanted to head home again so I have two more to look forward to!

   I am going to get into the studio today, Lord willing.  I have some packaging  to do first.  Not complaining about that mind you!  Packaging means sales, and as Martha would say, "It's a good thing".  

Have a great day!


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Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

Making all that jewelry and then having to clean the case! YIKES! That's alot of work! But, it's the road to rich & famous! One day we'll read all about you in the top jewelry magazine - you watch!

But I'm sending you a big hug!