Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Day Can't Be Over Already!

The Day Can’t Be Over Already! - or why I never get anything done

I lay in bed almost every night thinking about what I would like to create the next day. I do my best thinking right before I go to sleep. Then I wake up excited and ready to hit the studio.

The first thing I do is turn on the computer and check for sales. I don’t know why, there are seldom any these days. It just makes me feel better to know I’m not neglecting anyone who MIGHT have purchased something. Then I wander over to CNN to check the news and weather for the day. Innocent enough move. After I know what’s happening in the world I have to check to see if I have any new followers on my blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Of course I have to answer any messages received at any of the above mentions sites. Then I look for a few new people to follow. Before I close the computer and start creating I have to post a new blurb on my blog. Then that new game I downloaded is tempting me and I just have to play it for a “few” minutes. An so it goes on, and on…. Before I know it, the clock has reached 11 am and nothing is done in the studio!

I finally get myself away from the computer and head for the studio, but by then I’m starving, so I head for the kitchen instead. I grab something to eat and sit down to watch TV while I eat, or worse yet, head back to that computer game. Then I clean up my mess and head for the studio again. But wait - the garden needs some work before it’s so hot I can’t stand it, so out I go. I figure I can only work in the garden for short spurts anyway, so a few minutes won’t hurt. Then it’s inside and to the studio to create for what’s left of the day. That is, after I find everything I need. Oops, my Ott light is downstairs. Back down I go, and of course the cat wants attention, so 20 minutes later I might get back to the studio.

Does any of this sound familiar? Well, I decided it HAD to stop so I have set up a few rules I try to follow. I don’t always manage to do so. I also made a few minor changes in the physical set up. I thought I’d share them with you in case any of them might help you too.

1. A quick check of e-mail is essential. I check and answer anything pressing. Newsy letters from my family can wait for later to be answered. Business contacts and orders get 1st attention in the morning.

2. Since I like to know what’s going on in the world, I still read CNN’s page. I just skim the headlines in the morning. If something catches my attention I can come back to it later in the day.

3. Keeping up with my blog is also important, so I head there next and post what I have to say for the day.

4. I do a quick check of Facebook and Twitter, then force myself off of them. 15 minutes max! You may see a Twit from me sometime that says something like “Get off the computer and get to work” That’s me telling myself to get busy. I’ve had quite a few people thank me for giving them the nudge they needed to get going too.

5. I get the gardening done as early as the weather will permit. Then I clean up and call it a day outside. Some days it’s only a few minutes. Some days it may be hours, but I get it done and out of the way.

6. I take my meals to the studio and eat it while I visualize what I’m going to make. I know diet gurus tell you not to eat outside of the kitchen, but I just can’t sit in the kitchen and dawdle over my sandwich. It carries very nicely to the studio.

7. Most days I can accomplish all the above by 8 am. If I neglect the garden, or it’s too wet, I’m ready to roll by 7. Once there, I stay put until noon. It’s amazing what can be accomplished in 4-5 hours.

8. I have removed all game icons from the desk top. If I don’t see them I’m not so tempted to click on them for a “few” minutes.

9. I have organized the studio better so when I do get there I don’t spend too much time looking for what I need.

10. After I’ve accomplished what I set out to make, or when my fingers give out from stitching I head back to the computer. THEN I do all of those things that kept me from getting anywhere before. I answer e-mails, look for new folks to follow, read the news, look at a few blogs and leave comments, etc. By the time I’ve done all of that, it’s time to make supper and the day is pretty much over. Farmers go to bed early, you know. That’s why I can be ready to hit the studio by 7.

That is my routine in a nut shell. I hope if nothing specifically helps you, it at least encourages you. It’s good to know other’s struggle just as much with time management! So - get off the computer and get creating!


Audrey said...

I totally understand!! I'm up at 5am to get hubby ready for work. He leaves at 6:10am. So I figure I'll be on the computer till 8am then start to get stuff done. Well, at 8am I haven't got nearly everything done on the computer I would have like too - get to side tracked by reading blogs!
Could use another 2-3 hours of morning time.

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

girlfriend.... that is soooo me and it's making me frazzled lately. i get up at 5 a.m. get on the computer, read my emails (which takes at least 1 hour), then to my blog to read the new posts then to my dashboard to see who's posted and that takes about 3 hrs) then to see what the challenges for the day is and that takes another 2-1/2 hrs. and ... you get the idea! and it's finally catching up to me.

let's both sit down, have a cup of coffee, cappy, or whatever, take a deep breath and laugh - because we both know its soooooooo worth it!

thanks so much for sharing. it made my day!


Ramblin Mama said...

Oh wow! I can truly identify with those first three paragraphs. I've taken to setting a timer so I get pushed on to the next activity. My schedule is about to be tossed topsy turvy when my hubs retires in two weeks! I hat to think what the new "routine" will become!