Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hardanger In Progress

I started with this and over 100 hours later

It's still not done!!

Almost, but not quite.

Hardanger is just something you can not rush. Count, count count....stitch, stitch, stitch, ( OOPS) rip out, rip out, rip out, count, count......

Someday soon it will be finished. Think anyone will be willing to pay me $1000 for it? No? Aw heck.....


She'sSewPretty said...

Thank you for visiting me and giving me this opportunity to see your blog. That embroidery is gorgeous. It looks very complicated to me. I have some beautiful pieces of hardanger and I never thought about how long it took to make them. I'll have to give them a better display place now.

Cassandra said...

WOW this is so amazing and beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing :) Cassandra

Jocelyn said...

Hi Sandy,

Thank you for visiting Hip Mama Blog. You have got beautiful stuff on your Etsy store. I've added you to my faves! :)

I am on Etsy as well:

Do stop by some time. Have a great Wednesday! :)

Jenni said...

It would be really neat to see a great high end store featured high quality hand crafted goods features these!

Melody said...

Oh Sandra, that is gorgeous. I have to ask what I your secret to the little cutwork areas?

Merci-Notes said...

Your work is beautiful!!!

With Kindness,