Friday, January 29, 2010

How About a Pretty Purple Lily?

I do a lot of crafting as some of you already know. Once in a while I get quite excited with how something turns out. This pair of earrings is among those things. They just feel nice in my hands.

With Spring and Easter coming, I'm hoping they can find a new home!

If you are one of those turned off by "used" earrings the last picture was taken on a photo of an ear, not a real ear.

Lavender Dangling Lily Pierced Earrings


beyondbaffled said...

With the kind of stuff that you make I would be excited all of the time! Your jewelry is wonderful :)

Petite Little Bee said...

Hi, Just wanted to stop by and visit your blog. It is very beautiful. Really loved your pictures and writings. Will come back soon. Cheers, Lia