Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last Day To Enter

It is the last day to enter to win this fun little Spring / Summer necklace.   To enter click HERE

I will be randomly picking the winner tomorrow, February 1st.  Good luck to you all!

Something New and Different

Wood Nymph Pin - Magical Green Fairy Face

I was playing around with some glass I had purchased once when I thought I could do stained glass pieces.  I discovered my hands are not strong enough to make the precision cuts necessary.  What a disappointment that was.  I really loved making the few pieces I managed to hack out of the glass.  I can, however, make wonderfully irregular chunks that can be used as bases for jewelry.  I've painted on some to make pendants and I have wrapped a few in wire.  

Another thing I don't have great luck with is polymer clay.  Try as I might, my beads and pendants never come out looking like anything anyone would pay hard earned money for. I drool over the gorgeous  pieces I see on Etsy and wish my hands could do the same.  It's just not in my crafting skills I guess.  I can make these faces, simply because it's a mold.  Push it in, pop it out and let my imagination run wild with it.

This piece uses a little crafting gold leaf, some fibers and a little paint pigment.  You can read the story of the Wood Nymphs on my Etsy page.

PS:  Heartfelt thanks to for the new improvements to the editing area.  So much simplier to write up a new post now.  I am a happy blogger!


Carapace said...

That's as good a use of the clay as many I've seen!
I always feel like such a cheater when I use the molds...I've gotta fancy them up somehow!:p

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Hi Sandy!

Hoping I'm not too late.....This is just lovely... :-) I'd be so thrilled to win.

I'm just doing the picking part for my giveaway now....It's complicated, that's for sure...

Warm hugs,