Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some Pretty Spring Earrings

Pink Floral Bells - Delicate Sterling Earrings

Pretty Blue Floral Lampwork Earrings

I was right, I didn't get much crafting done yesterday. I was hoping a trip to the casino would brighten our day, but since we left all of our money there, it didn't do much to raise DH's spirits. I wonder if a good swift kick in the pants would work. Nothing worse than a moping husband!

I did get some new things listed last evening. The two above are my favorites out of the group. I love lampwork. I wish I had to tools and the nerve to try it myself. Having neither, I have to purchase someone else's lovely hand work to use in my jewelry creations. The blue in the pair above is beautiful.

I'm off to create now, or take pictures, or something constructive. Hope you have a productive day.


Jenni said...

Very fresh colors Sandy!

devonaz said...

OHHHHHHHHH those are beautiful espically the pink ones but then that is my favorite color,,thanks so much for showing..