Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baby's Asleep

The baby was up most of the night so Mommy and Daddy went to work very sleepy and I have a few minutes to argue with this darn computer while he naps.   This  Granny will be glad to get home!  Sawyer is a darling little boy.  I'm just too darn old for this!  Besides, I am having withdrawals from my beading.  I didn't try to bring any along.  I would have needed a suitcase just for the beads and I still would have forgotten half of what I needed.

I did get to a very nice, very expensive bead store near by.  If I were rich as I'd like to be, I would have come home with a ton of stuff.  That did NOT happen!  I did find some glass pearls the size I used in the Victorian Splendor set a while back.  They were on sale and I can make quite a few pair out of a string.  Be on the outlook for lavender, black, light pink and light green in the future.  I need to find a cheaper store though!  They had such lovely pretties at a very dear price.  It just killed me to have to leave them behind.

I did find a great tool I have been looking for.  I had seen it on the Internet, but only mentioned and not for sale.  Up until now I have been sitting with a magnifying glass and files to get burrs out of earring wires I made myself.  This handy dandy little tool I found will file them to a rounded end.  It should make life a lot easier. 

Nap time is nearly over.  I had better get back to being Grandma.  


Gaston Studio said...

Get your rest while you can! Grandchildren are heaven sent for sure, but why do we get them so late in life (lol)!

My two are ages 6 and 11 and they wear me completely out. I have to rest for days after seeing them!

Stef H: (Illinois, US) said...

You're gonna need a vacation from your vacation! I hear ya, GF! I'm glad when my GD goes home and she's 3-1/2!!!! We are too old for this. What's that saying????
"If I knew being a Grandma was gonna be this much fun, I'd have done it first!"

Glad you found that tool. Always nice when you find something you can really use and need!

Try to relax and enjoy your time with the kids but know your blogging buddies are missing your gorgeous work! But, hey! glad you're in touch with us!

Safe trip home, my friend!

customteddys said...

It's always good to get home. That's why being a grandma is the greatest... because when we're done loving the little ones, we get to go home :) Happy beading. Hugs, Vicki

Alison Gibbs said...

How lucky you got a chance to jump on the computer during nap time. When I do my 2 day babysitting gig I hardly get a chance to get on the computer. You are right - we are getting too old for 'this stuff'