Friday, March 27, 2009

Back To Work At Cross Roads

Hi All,

    I didn't get any beading done today!  A day without beading is yucky.  We had to start setting up our booth at the craft market today.  It starts May 2nd but we only have the days hubby is off to get it ready.  Today was mostly packing up what we left behind when we closed last December.   We also had to move some display pieces.  Oh, my aching back!  At least we have those neat pads that fit under things and make them easier to move.  The older I get, the less I want to do this!

    So, we moved and cleaned and decided what we had to go buy to start out the year.   We couldn't set anything up yet for fear someone will come in and start cutting lumber to build a new display or something.  Sawdust and stuffed animals don't go together too well!   My jewelry all stays home until the very last minute just in case someone wants to buy in online.  

    We came home tuckerd out, but the weather was half way decent so I got out the rake and started in on the lawn work.  I can only work on that about an hour at a time before I poop out.  While I was sitting catching my breath, I went online and discovered Picasa.  If you don't use it to edit your photos, you should look into it.  It's wonderful!  I sure wish I'd found it a long time ago.

   Now I'm going to crash in front of the TV.  IF I can make it back down the stairs!

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Stef H (GlitterbabeGreetings) said...

Oh you poor thing! It's awful having to work that hard. Which is probably why I stay away from craft fairs! Oh, I GO to them, I just don't paticipate! Plus, I feel your pain about not being able to bead for a day! I'm lost if I don't make a card!

But, I predict that you will do very well this year at the market in spite of the economy! AND, if I were nearby, I'd definitely be there!

Enjoy your day, whatever you do!

Big hugs,