Monday, March 16, 2009

Home and Back to Work

Hello Folks!

I am home and back to work. Grandma here is going to need a little while to recuperate from my vacation. I now know why I've heard so many people say God give children to the young. I couldn't do it full time I'm afraid. I fell into bed exhausted every night knowing my kids still had to get up several times with the baby. At least I got to sleep through the night!

I hope those of you who stopped by for my bead work will indulge an old lady the right to show off her Grandson. Here are a couple of pictures of the little squirt.  I will be back later with more beads.


Sally said...

He's really cute! Glad you had a good visit.

Gaston Studio said...

Sandy, he's adorable! My grandkids, who are much older than yours, abspolutely wear me out. Was just this morning thinking of their upcoming visit for spring break and thinking I need to take more vitamin supplements... now!

IfiHadaHammer said...

How could you not show him off? He's adoreable!