Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Tuesday

Hello All,

Today is a bright, sunny Spring day in Western New York.  Why, my thermometer is all the way up to 17 F.  I know that's a minus number in Celsius!  I guess it's frozen worms for the few Robins that have returned.  In fact, I haven't seen one in a few days.  I think they flew back where it's warm.  

Sunday we got the go ahead to start setting up for the new season at Cross Roads .  That put me into the panic mode!   SO much to do yet.  I still have 5 weeks but they will fly by.   There's the cleaning and shelf moving and redecorating of our booth to do along with all the chores that will be demanding my attention here.   I still have to order merchandise, but where to find the money to do so?  

I was reading a thread in the Etsy Forums this morning about what is considered "handmade".  Some of the jewelers who start from raw metal and make everything were complaining about those who "just stick a bead on a stick" and make stuff you can pick up at a discount store for a few bucks.  I sure hope you don't look at my work that way!  Yes, I use premade components but I put a lot of thought into my designs.  (Rant over)

Today I am featuring one of the new earring styles I put on my second Etsy shop, The Earring Boutique .  I made them with the Red Hat Socitey ladies in mind but red and purple really do make a striking combination.  I think they came out quite elegant looking.  

Society In Red and Purple - Elegant Dangle Earrings

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