Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back To Beading

I finally got back to the studio and accomplished something. Only because I put aside everything else and concentrated on jewelry for a while. Forget that the grass needs mowing. Forget that the berries are ripening in the field. Forget that the dust is 3 inches thick on the furniture. Just forget it all and create!

This bracelet is a simple design that comes out quite contemporary looking. I used 18 gauge copper wire and wrapped it with 20 gauge. The focal bead is a glass lampwork in lavender and white while the accent beads are a deep purple acrylic bead. It was really fun to make, but oh my poor fingers from all that wrapping!

Here's the link:

Copper and Bead Wire Wrapped Bracelet


Anna Kay Creations said...


LittleGemsbyKari said...

very pretty!!! (the dust isn't going anywhere let it wait! ;) )

jezek said...

Excellent color combination!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy,

That is a beautiful bracelet :-)

I am hoping to have a creative day today (and forget about he ironing and the hoovering and everything else... lol)

Rose XXX