Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Copper and Pearls

Copper and pearls, fire and water, man and nature combined make for some really beautiful things. I was thrilled at the way this bracelet turned out. The teal dyed fresh water pearls jump off the copper color. The two together shine like a royal crown for your wrist.

Yesterday was so dreary and gray that I thought I would accomplish nothing, and look what resulted. Sometimes I just have to sit down with all my "toys" in front of me and wait for inspiation. Other days I wake up with ideas. Yesterday I sat. I pulled out bag after bag of beads until I found the pearls. I think the two make for a winning combination!

Free Form Copper and Pearl Bracelet


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Sandy I have to tell you, you make the most remarkable pieces I have ever seen. The are fabulouso, just beautiful. I always look to see just what you have made new. I love bracelts, but being a plus size woman, usually they are to small for me. You have a wonderful post honey, just wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Country Hugs, Sherry

Sandy said...

If my bracelets say "adjustable" they will fit a larger wrist. The one shown can stretch out to fit quite a large wrist. I can also make them to fit any of you who have larger wrists. I'm a plus size gal myself but my wrists are average size.

Anonymous said...

It came out great! I too love the combo of colors

Pinkllilac said...

Wow what a beautiful creation and I love those pearls.
Hugs Linda