Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Fun

Today it is supposed to get warm here, beach weather warm. It hasn't hit the 80's since mid June. That is fine by me, but the water loving people are a bit chilled by the fact. To be honest, I had to have my electric blanket on last night since the heat is shut off for the Summer.

In celebration of what is promising to be a Summer like day I am featuring one of my Puka shell bracelets. It's the only one left out of several that I made. It is made out of all natural materials with the exception of the wire used. Dyed Puka shell beads are strung on 5 twists of memory wire. I hung a real shell and a wooden bead off the ends. I can just imagine it on some beautiful girl walking along the aqua water's edge, can't you?

Here is the link if you would like more details

Puka Shell Bracelet

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Anonymous said...

You have some beautiful jewelry here! Love the seashell!! Perfect for this time of year!