Monday, July 27, 2009

Beaded Bangle Bracelet

We set off for the beach yesterday. Not that it was warm enough to go to the beach. We were just tired of sitting home. Half way there we could see the storm clouds over Lake Erie but we pressed on. Of course by the time we got there it was cold and we weren't out of the car more than two minutes before it started raining. Yup, that's about right for one of our day's at the beach. We turned around and came home after a stop at the fish market and KFC. Fun Sunday in Chautauqua County...

On the way we found a garage sale that had tons of jewelry for sale. Some of it will be dismantled and the parts reused. The rest is going on Ebay. I found some really pretty rhinestone sets. Nothing I made of course, but very pretty.

What else could I do on a rainy Sunday after NOT getting to at least wade in the surf but bead? The result of our downpour is this fun little bangle bracelet in purple. I just love the way the faux pearls fit right into the spaces left by weaving the silver lined glass beads using the square stitch. It makes for a simple yet pretty pattern.

Here's the link:

Purple Beaded Bangle Bracelet

Here's a link to one of my Ebay auctions too, just in case you like rhinestones.


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

at least you got to go to the beach! going to the beach in chicago is like going to work! not to mention that most of the time they're closed for some health reason or another.

really pretty bracelet!


Pinkllilac said...

Hi Sandy another stunner and love the colours in this, just beautiful.
Hugs Linda